Amanda Adinolfi’s Internship at Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation 

By Amanda Adinolfi

Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation is a non profit organization focused on being “a reliable community-sponsored developer and manager of affordable housing in the Northwest Bronx & beyond.” The mission of Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation is to provide housing that is “safe, sound, and affordable.” I am extremely fortunate that as a part of my Coverdell Fellowship I am able to intern with this organization. 

As an intern with the development department at FBHC I assist with various aspects that go into the development of new projects, along with the managing of current projects. During my first semester interning with this organization I learned a lot of background information about challenges to providing affordable housing and about the various technical processes and databases needed to manage multiple housing projects efficiently. I was also able to see some of the various sites FBHC manages and see the impact having this type of housing available means to the community. 

I look forward to learning more about this organization as I continue my internship throughout the spring semester. The work the organization does is crucial and I am grateful that IPED has given me the opportunity to be able to help Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation with this work. 

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