Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the IPED-CRS Partnership

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is a humanitarian organization that operates globally, dedicated to serving the poorest and most vulnerable communities in times of crisis and development. Established in 1943 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, CRS works tirelessly to promote human dignity and social justice. With a strong commitment to Catholic social teaching, CRS provides emergency relief, healthcare, education, and sustainable development programs to improve the lives of millions of people affected by poverty, natural disasters, conflict, and other challenges. Through partnerships and community empowerment, CRS strives to build resilience, promote self-sufficiency, and create lasting positive change in the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

Fordham IPED Program and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Celebrate 25 Years of Partnership

On March 9th, the Fordham IPED program proudly celebrated a momentous milestone: 25 years of partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS). This collaboration has been instrumental in providing countless students with invaluable practical experience in a wide range of development issues. As the second largest employer for IPED students, CRS has offered over 80 students and alumni incredible opportunities through this fruitful alliance.

At the celebratory ceremony, Professor Henry Schwalbenberg, the esteemed IPED Director, skillfully moderated the event while sharing the program’s mission and highlighting its work alongside CRS. The ceremony boasted an impressive lineup of guest speakers, including Rev. John Cecero S.J., the Vice President for Mission Integration and Ministry at Fordham University, His Excellency Archbishop Gabriela Caccia, Pope Francis’ Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Sean Callahan, the President & Chief Executive Officer of CRS, and Mr. Matthew McGarry, the Senior Director for For Development at CRS, who is also an alumnus of Fordham IPED Class of 2004.

Furthermore, the event featured two captivating musical performances by IPED ’24 students Saujan Khapung and Evan Osgood, which added a touch of elegance and artistry to the celebration. Their enchanting melodies resonated throughout the venue, creating a memorable and inspiring atmosphere for all in attendance.

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