Unlocking Career Pathways: International Political Economy Career Session

By Babalwa Nogwanya

In a recent IPE Major Career Session, hosted by Fordham University’s IPE Major Department,
students were treated to an enriching discussion featuring four distinguished panelists who
generously shared their professional journeys. Each speaker provided invaluable insights into their
diverse career paths spanning the public, private, and non-profit sectors, offering a comprehensive
view of the opportunities available to graduates.

Kaylin Klinger, currently an Executive Director and Wealth Strategist at J.P. Morgan Private Bank,
delivered a captivating account of her transition from internships at the United Nations and in Peru
during her time at Fordham University to her current role in finance. She emphasized the
importance of seizing opportunities and networking, recounting a pivotal moment when attending
one of Fordham’s career sessions armed with her resume led her to discover her passion for the
finance world.
Andrew Kane, another panelist, shared a remarkable journey that began with teaching English in
Spain and performing development work in Tanzania after graduating from the IPE program
. He
underscored the value of resilience, adaptability, and embracing diverse opportunities, illustrating
how his global experiences and interdisciplinary education laid the foundation for his transition into
federal work as a Presidential Management Fellow at the International Trade Administration within
the Department of Commerce.
Mahfuzul Islam’s narrative centered around his dedication to community empowerment and social
With a Bachelor of Arts in International Political Economy & Economics from
Fordham University, Mahfuzul’s work exemplifies the intersection of grassroots activism and
strategic development. His commitment to making a positive impact in his community resonated
with the audience, highlighting the importance of service and social responsibility in one’s career
Lastly, Felix Jiang brought the conversation home, emphasizing the power of networking in
navigating the financial landscape.
With a diverse academic background and experience in risk
analysis and financial management, Felix’s journey highlighted the significance of building
connections and relationships in accessing career opportunities and achieving professional growth.
He emphasized the importance of maintaining contact with professors, showcasing the value of
mentorship and guidance in one’s career development.
One key point all the speakers made was to embrace change and uncertainty. They encouraged
students to allow themselves time to explore and grow into their chosen paths post-graduation. The
IPE Major was highlighted as a platform that enables students to pursue a wide range of career
opportunities, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, networking, and community engagement as
essential skills for navigating the professional landscape.
In conclusion, the IPE Major Career Session provided invaluable insights and inspiration for students
embarking on their own career journeys. The experiences shared by Kaylin, Andrew, Mahfuzul, and
Felix serve as shining examples of perseverance, determination, and passion in achieving
professional success. Their stories offer valuable lessons and guidance for students as they navigate
their own paths toward meaningful and fulfilling careers.