2018 Bronx Community Day Trip

Group picture at Joyce Kilmer Park

By: Patrick Fernandez ’20

There is a deep connection between Fordham and the Bronx ever since the school’s foundation in 1841. Thus, last September 7, IPED students met with Gregory Jost of the Design the WE studio at the Andrew Freedman House to learn more about the history of the Bronx.

IPED students with Greg Jost outside the Andrew Freedman House

Gregory toured the students around the first floor of the house which featured two ballrooms which are now transformed into art galleries.

IPED students touring the art gallery in the Andrew Freedman House

The second floor of the house featured the Undesign the Redline exhibit. It was through this exhibit that Greg presented the history of the Bronx. The exhibit included government documents, historical maps, photos, and timelines that explained the systematic racism in New York especially in the Bronx in the 30s and 40s.

Greg presenting the Undesign the Redline exhibit

Greg’s presentation explained how the “redlining” of areas – or the systematic marking of areas with immigrant and black population – resulted to the deterioration of these neighborhoods as they were marked to show high risk for federal and banking investment. These had many repercussions through the decades and many of them are still felt to the present day. Thus, the exhibit encourages people to take action and “undesign the redline” which has seeped through American policies.

Greg explaining the Redlining policy

After touring the house, the group then went to the Joyce Kilmer Park to have some lunch and some informal conversation.

IPED students walking around the Bronx
Informal conversations at Joyce Kilmer Park
Picture of the group at Joyce Kilmer Park