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Finance Career Trip 2019

by: Patrick Fernandez ’20

Last January 25, IPED students went on a career trip focused on finance in Manhattan, New York.

The students first went to the US Trust, Bank of America, to meet with Joseph Quinlan ’84 , Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. Mr. Quinlan talked about how the inter-disciplinary nature of his IPED education helped him in his work with international trade, foreign direct investment, and global economic trends. The students also had a discussion with him regarding impact investment, US-China trade war, and emerging markets. An advice that he gave to students in order for them to become excellent analysts, is that they must be able to recognize how things are interconnected, identify the information missing from current analyses, and learn history.

IPED students together with Mr. Quinlan ’84

The students then went to CFA Society of New York to meet with Mario Carias, CFA, Managing Director of Content and Member Services at CFA. Mr. Carias shared about the details of obtaining a CFA, and his experience on the financial sector. He also shared how different CFAs are on different fields including development.

IPED students with Mr. Carias

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2018 Summer Internship Series: Patrick Connolly at Finacity

by: Patrick Connolly ’19

This past summer I had the fortunate opportunity to intern at Finacity Corp. in Stamford Ct. and gathered hands on experience learning the intricacies of receivable securitization.

I was placed as an analyst within the Deal Structuring, Management, and Origination team – the central unit within Finacity that touches all stages of the securitization process. The role of the team is essential to the support of the Business Development Officers bringing in deals, receiving signed mandates, analyzing and structuring the receivables of contracted clients, finding funding sources for the structured receivable program, supporting data onboarding efforts, and proactively supporting relationship management through the life of a securitization.

My main duties involved: 1. Supporting Business Development Officers marketing efforts by creating tailored pitchbooks specified by the Business Development Officer based on the type of firms they were perusing, 2. conducting preliminary receivable analysis, 3. building pitchbooks for client engagement, and 4. performing adhoc portfolio reports and support broader marketing efforts.

While working for Finacity, I had the chance to analyze the receivables of a wide variety of companies across many sectors including an Italian electrical utility firm, a Latvian dairy co-op, a Greek utility company, and an international commodity brokerage firm.

I also had the opportunity to work on a team focused on creating an informative presentation on receivable securitization that was presented to business leaders in U.S. embassies in several countries. In 2015 the U.S. Commerce department recognized Finacity as prominent supporter of the U.S. export industry. Through this recognition, Finacity was given the opportunity to inform international audiences on the process of receivable securitization.

Prior to applying to this internship, I had little knowledge of receivable securitization; I was familiar with factoring programs and letters of credit from my previous work experience, but receivable securitization was not really on my radar. However, when IPED alumni Gregg Streibig explained to me in a conversation how his firm is a client of Finacity, I became very interested and started to explore further. I’m fortunate to have found out about Finacity and obtain an internship, because now I am knowledgeable about an extremely interesting and complicated financial product.

For further information regarding the receivable securitization, Finacity’s website has a very thorough informative page: https://www.finacity.com/what-we-do/#securitization-section

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Wesley Milillo ’18 at Global Investment Bank, Societe Generale

By: Wesley Milillo ’18

I currently work in Prime Services at Societe Generale. Societe Generale is a French-based, global investment bank with branches and offices around the world. Prime Services is a division within Global Markets that helps clients borrow, sell, and trade financial products. Clients ranging from hedge funds, to other banks, to mutual funds, seek to engage in execution services—i.e. trading, as well as clearing and settling which consists of updating and reconciling the accounts between two parties. Prime Services helps them to do this efficiently.

IPED student Wesley Milillo ’19 works at Societe Generale.

At Society Generale, I am a Transition Manager. Transition Management is a consultative, project-management team that helps clients come into the bank and do business with us. After a Salesperson ‘makes the sale,’ and the client agrees to terms and prices, there is still a lot that goes into getting the client up and running. There is a lot of documentation that is involved, ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) procedures to ensure our clients have compliant backgrounds, Credit terms negotiation, customer due diligence, and technology and reporting set ups. I work with our clients to help them through all these processes with our internal teams, and get the client “live” and trading in a timely manner. Through this, we help build long-term partnerships with our clients and ensure that all necessary checks and balances necessary for a good relationship are in place.

Being an IPED student has helped me to see the big picture with respect to the much internationalized financial services sector. Aside from the holistic international economics courses I’ve taken, I’ve also taken some coding classes as well as data and modeling courses as well. Having a background in data and quantitative skills are highly regarded in the financial services sector, so having learned this while working has allowed me to better contribute my skills on a daily basis.

Societe Generale is the global investment bank where Wesley works.

As a student in IPED, I am much more exposed to others who also have a background in developing countries. Hearing their perspectives, and learning about the interactions between both the political realm and economic realm, helped me to understand not only the developing world more clearly, but also our economy and background. Gaining an understanding of global capital flows and markets has given me a much deeper appreciation for our global economy and has helped me better contextualize our place in it.

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Career Trip: Finance

By: Sarah Garwood ’19

On Friday, January 26th, Fordham IPED students participated in a Finance focused career trip in Manhattan, New York. They first met with Mario Carias, CFA, Managing Director of Content and Member Services at CFA Society New York. He spoke about his experience on Wall Street and in the financial sector. He also shared advice on the three part exam process required to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Later in the morning, we walked to Bank of America to meet with alumnus Joe Quinlan ’84, Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. He shared about how he has applied his IPED education in his work with international trade, foreign direct investment, and global economic trends. He offered advice and emphatically recommended continuous learning and reading strong authors.

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2017 Finance Career Trip

On Friday, Februrary 24, students from the IPED Class of 2018 attended the annual Finance Career Trip in New York City.

IPEDers Moses Cam, Robyn Emory, Carlos Baeta, Jessica Way, and Owen Fitzgerald at U.S. Trust

The students began their day at U.S. Trust and spoke with Joseph Quinlan (IPED Class of ’84) from Bank of America. Mr. Quinlan works in the research division as a Chief Market Strategist and shared his thoughts on the current global outlook, his experiences, and his advice (“READ!). He said of the IPED program, “IPED taught me how to think on multiple dimensions.”

IPED students listen as Mr. Quinlan speaks about his work with Bank of America

IPED Class of 2018 with Joseph Quinlan (Center) and Dr. Schwalbenberg.

After speaking with Mr. Quinlan, IPED visited the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA), one of many societies around the world that comprise the CFA Institute. Once there, the students were greeted by Mario Carias, who serves on the Board of Directors. The students were educated in what NYSSA does, how to become a certified charted financial analyst (CFA), and ways to become involved with NYSSA.

Mario Carias speaks to the IPEDers concerning NYSSA

Mr. Carias pictured with IPED ’18

Next, after a quick lunch, IPED ended their day with a visit to Ernst and Young (EY) where they met with Christina Innocentzi to discuss EY’s mission, the work they do, and job opportunities.

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