Finance Career Trip 2019

by: Patrick Fernandez ’20

Last January 25, IPED students went on a career trip focused on finance in Manhattan, New York.

The students first went to the US Trust, Bank of America, to meet with Joseph Quinlan ’84 , Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. Mr. Quinlan talked about how the inter-disciplinary nature of his IPED education helped him in his work with international trade, foreign direct investment, and global economic trends. The students also had a discussion with him regarding impact investment, US-China trade war, and emerging markets. An advice that he gave to students in order for them to become excellent analysts, is that they must be able to recognize how things are interconnected, identify the information missing from current analyses, and learn history.

IPED students together with Mr. Quinlan ’84

The students then went to CFA Society of New York to meet with Mario Carias, CFA, Managing Director of Content and Member Services at CFA. Mr. Carias shared about the details of obtaining a CFA, and his experience on the financial sector. He also shared how different CFAs are on different fields including development.

IPED students with Mr. Carias