Started through the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, IPED Students came together to create a podcast focused on topics relevant to the IPED program. They started this venture at the beginning of the summer, and with funding provided by the IPED program, they pursued their specific interests and lined up interviews with experts and alumni.

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The first season of the IPED Podcast, called "The Carabao and Rhino", can be found on Spotify.

Information about the topics and organizations featured in the episodes can be found on the podcast series website.

Season 1 Episode Descriptions:

Episode 1: Lead Pollution and Agriculture with Greg Ferraro
Patrick Slutter interviews Greg Ferraro who is publishing a paper one the levels of lead found in cattle in India and Bangladesh (Part 1 of 2).

Episode 2: Lead Pollution and Agriculture with Greg Ferraro            Patrick Slutter continues his interview with Greg Ferraro about lead exposure and the next steps for Greg’s paper (Part 2 of 2).

Episode 3: Financial Inclusion in South Africa with Refilewe Likotse
Njabulo Mhlambi and Phemelo Kekana interview Refilwe Likotsi about financial inclusion in South Africa.



Episode 4: Restorative Justice in Education with Sarah Sanders
Patrick Slutter interviews Sarah Sanders, who has recently finished writing a paper on restorative justice in education in New York City.



Episode 5: Fair Trade and Spes Nova with Dr. Erick Rengifo
Victor Sapkota interviews Fordham University Professor Dr. Erick Rengifo about Fair Trade and the organization Spes Nova


Episode 6: Career Focus: Navigating a Career at the UN with Sara Bordas-Eddy
Rensi Pua interviews Fordham IPED alum Sara Bordas-Eddy about her path to a career with the UN.

Episode 7: Career Focus: Being a Female Humanitarian with Sara Bordas-Eddy
Rensi Pua interviews Sara Bordas-Eddy on the aspects of being a female humanitarian.

Episode 8: Career Focus: From Internship to Job at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with Camille Tacastacas                                                                Rensi Pua interviews Fordham IPED alum Camille Tacastacas about her journey from interning with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to working with the international organization full time.                                                                Episode 9: Career Focus: Knowledge Management (KM) with Camille
Tacastacas                                                                                                                                                                                               Rensi Pua interviews Fordham IPED alum Camille Tacastacas about                                                                   Knowledge Management (KM) and its usage in development work.

Episode 10: Career Focus: Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Accountability (MEAL) Work with Armand Aquino                                    Rensi Pua interviews IPED Alum Armand Aquino about Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Accountability (MEAL) work.



The first season of the IPED Podcast includes the following team members:


Jeremy Wierenga
Project Manager, Editor, and Sound Design


Greg Ferraro
Web Design


Phemelo Kekana
Researcher and Interviewer


Njabulo Mhambli
Researcher and Interviewer


Rensi Pua
Researcher, Interviewer, and Editor

IPED Headshots 2019-0103

Victor Sapkota
Researcher and Interviewer


Patrick Slutter
Researcher and Interviewer