Student Spotlight: Gary Tuorto at Morgan Stanley

Gary Feature

Gary Tuorto (IPED 2017) currently serves as an intern at Morgan Stanley, specifically in the Finance Department within the Transfer Pricing Group. Morgan Stanley is a financial company engaged in the provision of investment banking products and services to its clients and customers including corporations, governments, financial institutions, and individuals. The Transfer Pricing Group at Morgan Stanley is a back office support role within company management at the firm. Transfer pricing is a method used by multinational companies to determine where and how profits are taxed and allocated to appropriate government authorities.

As an intern, Gary is responsible for determining the transfer price that Morgan Stanley uses to markup inter-firm transactions, mainly for tax purposes. He performs comparable company searches and uses statistical analysis to determine a range of markup prices to use for each business division within Morgan Stanley. Additionally, Gary is working on calculating the reserve requirements of Morgan Stanley, which is the amount of money it needs to hold to cover for adverse circumstances when transfer pricing strategies employed turn out to be reversed.

Gary learned of this internship opportunity from Jordan Radovan (IPED 2016), who interned at Morgan Stanley in 2015. He shares that Jordan was able to pass on his resume directly, and he would be happy to do the same to anyone who may be interested in interning at Morgan Stanley, particularly in their transfer pricing division.

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