Saujan Khapung’s Internship at Spes Nova

By Saujan Khapung – Fordham IPED 2024

Spes Nova’s mission is to help promote sustainable and inclusive development of the working poor in the world’s poorest regions through access to low-cost capital, overseas markets, and insurance products. Spes Nova which literally translates into “New Hope” in Latin, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which was launched by a small academic team within Fordham University but operates wholly independent from the University. Spes Nova also delivers global, skill-driven knowledge, and hands-on experience to students through the collaboration of an extensive global network of academic institutions and artisans. Spes Nova has partnered with Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, St. Thomas Aquinas College, and ITESO – Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara and works with artisans from Bolivia, Mexico, and Kenya. 

I currently work in the role of Graduate Assistant at Spes Nova. My primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. I liaise between Spes Nova, Partner Universities, and Artisanal Partners, ensuring effective and timely communication. I provide the necessary logistic support and information to Universities Partners and Artisanal Partners. Student members from the undergraduate mainly undertake the activities of Spes Nova. I supervise and coordinate with the Spes Nova members and delegate organizational responsibilities. Meetings are held once a week, where I update the members on the organization’s progress and discuss plans and activities for the future. The primary activities of Spes Nova include sales events where we sell artisanal products. With the Vice President of Spes Nova, I plan and coordinate the sales events and make sure that the sales events go smoothly. I organize products and accessories required for the sales beforehand. I also ensure that the inventory and financial transactions are recorded and updated for each sales. I am also responsible for managing the e-commerce website of the organization. This includes updating the online inventory, updating the website by adding new and archiving past Spes Nova members, and overall making sure that the website is up and running. I am also responsible for placing new product orders. After receiving new products, I organize them with the help of Spes Nova’s inventory team. I add the latest products to the website as well. This involves doing product photography of new products if required, updating the cost breakdowns of the products, and finally uploading it to the website. I am also responsible for the financial management of Spes Nova. I manage and keep records of the financial expenditures and revenues of Spes Nova.

Saujan is currently on a Presidential Scholarship at Fordham University’s M.A. in International Political Economy and Development (IPED). To learn more about Fordham IPED, visit our website. Also, click here to read more about Spes Nova internship from our previous year student.