IPED’s 40th Anniversary Party

by: Patrick Fernandez ’20

Last March 7th, IPED students, alumni, and faculty celebrated IPED’s 40th Anniversary. There were silent auctions, raffle, and free give-aways during the event!

The event started with opening remarks from Dr. Schwalbenberg, director of the IPED program. Two alumni, Angelika Condon ’07 and Sara Bordas-Eddy ’03, then presented about their experience in IPED and how the program formed them for their respective careers.

Angelika shared her story on how she was accepted into the IPED program, and how her decision to go to Fordham IPED greatly affected her perspective on various issues. Angelika is with Morgan Stanley Fund Services.

Sara spoke of how the multidisciplinary nature of IPED helps her in her current work with the UNICEF Office of Emergency Programmes. She said that IPED’s various professional and learning opportunities helped her tremendously in her career.

Following the alumni presentations, Language Immersion Study Awards, Arrupe Overseas Field Placements, and Public Service Field Placements were awarded to current IPED students. 

There was also a special remark from Dr. Entelis, co-founder of the IPED Program. In his remarks, Dr. Entelis emphasized IPED’s uniqueness – how no other university has the same approach as Fordham’s IPED.

Dr. Schwalbenberg then formally launched the IPED 40 at 40 Endowment Fund. We were able to raise $5,261 from 66 donors on the alumni night alone. Anyone can still donate by clicking here. Dr. Schwalbenberg also announced IPED’s 40th anniversary trip to South Africa. Click here to learn more about the trip.

There was then a cake-cutting and toast led by Dr. Schwalbenberg, Dr. Crystal, and Dr. McLeod.

Everyone then enjoyed the cocktails and conversations with fellow alumni, current students, and professors.

We would like to thank our 40th Anniversary Party Sponsors:

Pasquale’s Rigoletto (Arthur Ave, Bronx), San Gennaro (Arthur Ave, Bronx), Randazzo’s Seafood, Fordham University’s Office of the President, Fordham Bookstore, Dr. Booi Themeli, and Dr. Henry Scwhalbenberg.