IPED in South Africa

This summer was the 7th annual IPED Emerging Markets Class in South Africa.  13 IPEDers and 2 Fordham undergraduates had the opportunity to study alongside students at the University of Pretoria in South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria.  Dr. Schwalbenberg and Dr. Themeli co-taught the classes which dealt with investing in emerging market economies.  Students were required to develop a final paper which examined the investment prospects in a particular emerging market economy, as well as offer a short presentation outlining their thesis.  Classroom learning was supplemented by visits with the South African Reserve Bank, NedBank, the American Chamber of Commerce, and other institutions.  Participants also engaged in cultural experiences such as trips to Soweto, the Apartheid Museum, a long weekend in Capetown, and even a few days on Safari!


Mandela welcomes students to Pretoria!


Sampling the local cuisine…biltong!  Nathan enjoyed it, Sam seems undecided.

IMG_6363 (2)

Looks like Alex joined the ladies night out…


IPED in the skies.  A trip up Table Mountain in Capetown.


The South(west) most point in Africa!


We made it!


A trip to Robben Island and tour from one of the political prisoners


Just a couple dads on a Boyscout camping trip.


A visit to the South African Reserve Bank.


Overall our students learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed their time in South Africa!

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