Gareth Waldeck Discusses his Internship at the Investment Bank Jahani & Associates

By: Gareth Waldeck

Investment Banking is a competitive and continuously evolving field. Investment Bankers are hired to assist companies with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and fund raising. Fund raising can take two forms; either a debt or an equity raise. Private companies who do not wish to sell shares on an exchange can seek equity deals through private placements, individual investors with finances and expertise in their field who purchase a portion of their company (like dragon’s den). Investment Banks assist larger companies with Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) as they enter public exchanges.

Jahani & Associates (J&A) is an investment banks that serves the lower to middle market. The company assists clients who are seeking private placements of more than $5M or are looking for a buy-side or sell-side M&A. J&A has deep connections in the Middle East and conducts their operations both in the region and across North America. J&A is industry agnostic and operates rather as a regional specialist. The company also facilitates commercialization deals for North American companies looking to expand into the greater MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

J&A has a small team, so I have been involved in all aspects of the business. Initially, I was more involved in a sales-like role and my responsibilities were soliciting new potential clients and introducing them to my director. I also created marketing material and managed several of the company’s social media platforms.

I have been hired to join the team full time and relocated to Abu Dhabi to best execute my role. I am currently part of the team that assists clients with joint ventures and commercial expansion into the MENA(Middle East and North Africa) and SEA (South East Asian) regions. We actively seek strategic partners for our client who could act as a distributor or sales agent for their products/services. In addition, I assist in the creation of one-page teasers, investor decks, sales pitchbooks and confidential information memorandums. My next challenge is to get more involved in the financial aspects of investment banking which includes modeling, financial statement creation and analysis, valuations and various other client requested tasks.

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