Fordham University and the University of Pretoria’s 2023 Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis Program

By Kagiso Stanley

The 15th anniversary celebration of the esteemed Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis program, a collaborative endeavor between the distinguished Fordham University and the University of Pretoria, was marked with great pomp and splendor. The occasion gathered together a cohort of thirteen young, vibrant, and bright South Africans, comprising a select group of five outstanding Economics/Econometrics students hailing from the prestigious University of Pretoria, renowned for its academic prowess. The remaining eight are a group of young professionals, each specializing in diverse domains such as Economics, Finance/Accounting, Investment, and Political Science, working in distinguished institutions within South Africa, including the eminent National Treasury, Sanlam, Tamela, Standard Bank, and the South African Reserve Bank.

Their sojourn at the resplendent Rosehill campus of Fordham University in New York, spanning a period of six weeks, is an opportunity for intellectual enrichment. The South African scholars, under the tutelage of the very knowledgeable Professors Rengifo and Porter, engage in two enriching courses—Strategic Financial Management and Political Risk Analysis—intended to broaden their intellectual horizons. In addition to their academic pursuits, these young minds are bestowed with the privilege of visiting an array of distinguished institutions in both New York and Washington D.C. An impressive array of renowned international institutions, investment banks, financial institutions, and tech companies, including UBS, IBM, JPMorgan, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, NYSE, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and many other eminent companies graced the itinerary of their enlightening journey. While giving insights into what they do, the companies generously present potential employment prospects for the University of Pretoria’s brilliant Economics/Econometrics students.

Upon the conclusion of their rewarding six-week tenure in New York, the illustrious thirteen students shall return to South Africa, where they will be joined by a contingent of scholars from Fordham University. Together, they will undertake the final segment of their academic odyssey at the University of Pretoria: a course in Emerging Markets, expertly delivered by Fordham University’s very own learned Prof. Schwalbenberg in the scenic administrative capital of South Africa. Much akin to their experience in the United States, this group, now bolstered by the presence of the Fordham students, will embark on a journey to visit acclaimed institutions in and around the Gauteng province.

This laudable program, overseen by the solicitous Prof. Themeli, has fostered the emergence of numerous accomplished professionals, who have ascended to prominent positions within both the public and private sectors not only in South Africa but also across the entire African continent, the United States, Europe, Asia, and various other corners of the globe. Over the course of fifteen years, this program has facilitated the metamorphosis of these individuals into influential figures, each leaving a lasting impact on their respective companies and contributing significantly to the advancement of South Africa in their different facets of expertise.