Finance Career Trip Takes IPED to Wall Street

By Bianca Vinoya

Earlier this month, the IPED cohort spent its Valentine’s Day learning about possible career tracks in the financial sector. During this trip, students saw how IPED alumni have built their careers in finance and financial management.

The first stop on the trip was at Bank of America. Students met with Joseph Quinlan, IPED alumnus who now works as Managing Director and Chief Marketing Strategist. Mr. Quinlan explained how they do risk analysis and portfolio management, especially with the ever-changing political and economic landscapes. Students posed many questions regarding emerging markets, data analytics, and practical career advice, which Mr. Quinlan answered gamely. 

From the Bank of America, IPED made its way to the main branch of the New York Public Library (NYPL) by Bryant Park and spent time doing research and exploring the different rooms of the building. Some got their personal NYPL cards, and others learned more about how to utilize the library’s resources for their own studies. 

The last stop of the trip was Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society New York, where students were welcomed by Mr. Mario Carias, Managing Director of Education and Content. There, the group got to know more about the process of becoming a CFA Society New York member — from preparation to the final exams. Several students are planning on taking the tests and preparing for them, and they asked several practical and technical questions regarding the Level I test. Mr. Carias shared his personal experiences and advice on how to do well in their exams. Students also discovered how a CFA membership could benefit their career both in the short and long terms and became even more excited to prepare for their tests. 

Overall, the students gained valuable insights on how to jumpstart and improve careers in finance (and more!). They benefited from practical career and life advice from alumni and seasoned professionals who have gone through similar experiences — all of which would surely be helpful for IPED students’ future career prospects.