Evan Osgood’s Work at the Bronx Borough President’s Office

By Evan Osgood

In addition to the citywide government headed by the mayor, each New York City
borough also has a municipal government headed by a Borough President. These borough offices
coordinate elections, pass ordinances, distribute funds, and advocate for their borough’s interests
at the city and state levels. As a policy intern at the Bronx Borough President’s Office, I
primarily research policy issues and assist in drafting reports to guide borough officials,
including Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, in making policy decisions. Even as an
intern, I have a critical role to play in ensuring Borough President Gibson and her team work
with the most accurate information and up-to-date research that I can provide. I especially enjoy
learning about a wide variety of policy issues to improve day-to-day life for all Bronxites –
birthing centers, transit accessibility for those with disabilities, water buses, and many others.

My coworkers are easily my favorite part of working at the BBP. I work with a friendly,
knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated team. We’ve spent most of the last few months
working on a report on the need for a public birthing center in the Bronx, which has demanded
the best of all of us. In addition to research skills, working on this project has honed my ability
on presenting large amounts of often technical information in an accessible and easy-to-read
way. I have also become more familiar with how regulations, laws, and executive policies work
to shape the economies and social environments of the city we live in.

Working for the BBP has been a great honor and privilege. As someone with career
aspirations in public service, this internship has afforded me valuable insight into the public
sector and public service as a career, and I have greatly enjoyed this hands-on learning
experience in local government, which despite its importance is often overlooked compared to
state and national politics. I look forward to contributing more to the office!