Alumni Career Networking ’08

Due to renovations of the 12th Floor Lounge of Fordham’s Lowenstein Hall, we held our annual Alumni Career Networking Nite at the Cornell Club in midtown Manhattan.

Our speakers were:

  •   Ms. Qi Hang (IPED Class of ’05), Financial Analyst, AIG;
  •   Mr. Brendan Walsh (IPED Class of ’05), Macro and Financial Equity Analyst, Discovery Capital Management;
  •   Ms. Sarah Lane (IPED Class of ’05), Economic Growth Research Analyst, United States Agency for International Development.
  •   Mr. Adam Weiner (IPED Class of ‘), Research Coordinator, Population Council.

Ms. Hang and Mr. Walsh spoke about their careers in finance.  Approximately half of our alumni are employed in the financial services industry.  Ms. Lane spoke about her work as a public servant.  About a fourth of our alumni work in the public sector.  And Mr. Weiner spoke about the non-profit sector.  About 15% of our alumni work in the non-profit sector. 


Language Immersion Study Awards

Dr. Themeli awarded the Language Immersion Study Awards to Rike, Anthony, John and Patrick.

Arrupe Field Placement Stipends
 Public Service Field Placement Stipend

Jason and Cheng were awarded the Arrupe Field Placement Stipends.  Dr. Themeli also awarded the Public Service Field Placement Stipend to Julie.

We thank the Alumni Association for their generous support of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.