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Women’s World Bank Summer Internship – Catalina Jack

Women’s World Banking (WWB) is the global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they require to build security and prosperity. WWB continues to equip financial institutions from all over the world with in-depth market research, with sustainable financial products and consumer education to meet women’s needs.

At the Women's World Bank Headquarters

At the Women’s World Bank Headquarters

It is crucial to unveil practices in the financial sector and social norms that prevail in society which inhibit women’s access to and use of financial services, even when legislation and regulation do not restrict them. To this end, I have been helping the research team to do an investigation that aims to gain insight into the actual practices of financial and other service providers regarding women’s access to finance. In addition, we are analyzing societal norms regarding women’s participation in the financial sector, and women’s perception of practices that create barriers to financial services. I have been examining the social and cultural norms surrounding women entrepreneurs in countries such as Kenya, India, Philippines, and Brazil.

Vibrant working space

Vibrant working space

Working at WWB is a wonderful experience to put in practice the skills you acquire in the IPED program. It helped me to understand how important it is to learn the methods to collect and analyze data and to know which are the main sources of statistics in academia. As students we tend to underestimate the great advantage of having access to the best databases and the invaluable Fordham library.

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Student Spotlight: Liz Parr at Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation

Elizabeth Parr

Liz Parr (IPED 2017) is a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow Intern at Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation (FBHC). FBHC is a nonprofit community organization that provides safe and affordable housing to over 3,000 low- to moderate-income families in the Bronx. Currently, it owns and manages close to 100 apartment buildings.

Liz works in the Department of Construction and Development of FBHC. She assists the department with writing grants and project proposals, tracks internal budget changes, and creates progress reports on FBHC’s current construction projects in various stages of development and completion. “These projects are huge. For example, the project I’ve worked on the most is part of a larger Fordham Bedford community project that will ultimately consist of three residential buildings that will provide housing to seniors,” she adds.

Liz shares that she likes her internship a lot. “Not only does FBHC provide affordable housing, but it also strives to offer an increased quality of life for its residents, which is something I am proud to be part of,” she says.

The internship with FBHC is part of the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship offered to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

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Student Spotlight: Andrew Wilhelm and Zach Thompson at the Fordham Road Business Improvement District

Andrew Wilhelm.jpg

Andrew Wilhelm (IPED 2017) and Zach Thompson (IPED 2017) currently serve as Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow interns at the Fordham Road Business Improvement District (Fordham Road BID). Fordham Road BID is a nonprofit organization primarily consisting of local retailers dedicated to promoting economic development and improving the quality of life along Fordham Road, a major retail street serving various immigrant and low-income communities in the Bronx.

As an intern, Andrew is responsible for engaging with businesses and other local organizations to seek their support and sponsorship for Fordham Road BID events. He also liaises with relevant stakeholders to obtain permits for events, attends meetings, and performs various administrative duties. Currently, he is also working with Department of Transportation to have some new benches installed along Fordham Road.

Zach Thompson.jpg

Meanwhile, Zach shares that his favorite part of interning at Fordham BID is the variety of the work he does, which keeps the day unpredictable. Within a few weeks, he has contributed to Fordham Road BID’s annual report, has begun planning themes and logistics for events throughout spring and summer, and has liaised with local businesses and the American Cancer Society on an upcoming promotion. Later in the year, Zach will be working on the newly reconstructed Fordham Plaza, which should be an exciting opportunity to bring even more life to the Bronx.

Last December, Andrew and Zach also helped in the planning and preparation of “Sparkling The Heart of Fordham,” Fordham Road BID’s annual holiday celebration and biggest event. During the event, there was gift-giving to local children, a tree-lighting ceremony, and performances all throughout the night.

“On the day of the event, it was great to see everyone’s hard work pay off when hundreds of people attended the event and had a great time. It was especially fun for me to see how excited people were about the raffle prizes I obtained by endlessly calling sports teams, theaters, and museums,” Andrew shares.

“This was the first big project I had the opportunity to work on for Fordham Road BID, and seeing the happiness and joy of the children and families who were at the event was a great experience,” Zach adds.

The internship with Fordham BID is part of the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowships offered to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

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Career Trip: Clinton Foundation


On Friday, March 4, Fordham IPED students visited the New York office of the Clinton Foundation. Tara Clerkin (IPED ’13) graciously assembled a panel of her peers and moderated a discussion on some of the many initiatives and projects underway at the foundation.

Tara Clerkin, IPED alumna (far left), moderated a panel of her colleagues at Clinton Global Initiative.

Tara Clerkin, IPED alumna (far left), moderated a panel of her colleagues at the Clinton Foundation.

Panelists included Rachel Tulchin, who discussed her work with No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. Jason Sukhram talked about his work with the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP). Both Stephen Mushegan and Dori McAuliffe work with the Clinton Climate Initiative. Tara works with the Clinton Development Initiative. And lastly, Matt Martinez spoke about the internship opportunities he oversees in the intern program.

It was great to hear about a variety of potential career paths, and see some of the great work being done in partnership with communities at the Clinton Foundation.

Mandatory group shot!

Mandatory group shot!


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Student Spotlight: Gary Tuorto at Morgan Stanley

Gary Feature

Gary Tuorto (IPED 2017) currently serves as an intern at Morgan Stanley, specifically in the Finance Department within the Transfer Pricing Group. Morgan Stanley is a financial company engaged in the provision of investment banking products and services to its clients and customers including corporations, governments, financial institutions, and individuals. The Transfer Pricing Group at Morgan Stanley is a back office support role within company management at the firm. Transfer pricing is a method used by multinational companies to determine where and how profits are taxed and allocated to appropriate government authorities.

As an intern, Gary is responsible for determining the transfer price that Morgan Stanley uses to markup inter-firm transactions, mainly for tax purposes. He performs comparable company searches and uses statistical analysis to determine a range of markup prices to use for each business division within Morgan Stanley. Additionally, Gary is working on calculating the reserve requirements of Morgan Stanley, which is the amount of money it needs to hold to cover for adverse circumstances when transfer pricing strategies employed turn out to be reversed.

Gary learned of this internship opportunity from Jordan Radovan (IPED 2016), who interned at Morgan Stanley in 2015. He shares that Jordan was able to pass on his resume directly, and he would be happy to do the same to anyone who may be interested in interning at Morgan Stanley, particularly in their transfer pricing division.

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