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African Youth Leadership Summit: Carlos Baeta Shares His Experience

Carlos Baeta, IPED Class of 2017

“One of the distinguishing features of the summit, I believe, is the level of engagement and unity that it inspired in all of us.”

Carlos with Summit colleagues

Last month, Carlos Baeta (IPED ’17) attended the African Youth Leadership Summit in Marrakech, Morocco. Through its partnership with the MasterPeace Organization and a competitive screening process, the summit brought together 180 young people from close to 30 African countries in order to engage in workshops and seminars focused on developing entrepreneurship, leadership and African unity and integration. A veteran of other youth leadership conferences, Carlos said that “the different experiences and solutions that my colleagues had developed and actioned-out” was what stood out the most.

This was a unique platform for so many diverse participants with a common goal to come together and engage in actionable discourse. Carlos writes, “I believe one of the greatest services that we could do for ourselves, our countries that we represented and our continent, was to be as engaged and open minded as possible. The potential to learn and grow increases significantly when you have people from different backgrounds and with different skillsets collaborating on finding nuanced solutions to the plethora of challenges and opportunities my continent has.” His coursework and experiences with IPED, he says, have helped him to frame his thoughts in such a way that he could participate with his colleagues in a meaningful and impactful manner.

When asked about a specific experience he wanted to share from the summit, Carlos had this to say: “I have never been to North Africa before or rather embarrassingly enough, interacted with people from countries such as Chad or Sudan for example. I would be remiss if I did not say that this experience is something that will be embedded in me for the rest of my life.”

Carlos and fellow attendees to the Summit

Carlos came to attend the Summit through his personal network, but says that there are a plethora of platforms such as OpportunitiesForAfricans on Facebook as well. “I would suggest signing up to pages and platforms to stay abreast with the best and latest opportunities.”

Carlos is a native of South Africa and grew up in the small town of Vryheid in rural Kwa Zulu Natal. He says, “I have always dreamt about travelling and experiencing different cultures and seeing different cities. Since I have begun my studies at Fordham, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to four different countries and attend countless different seminars. It has been a dream come true for me and I can’t wait to one day use my cumulative experiences and skills to extend these types of opportunities to other young South Africans back home.”

Contributed by Carlos Baeta

Edited by Robyn Murray

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Student Spotlight: Tyler Falish at the Council on Foreign Relations

Tyler FeatureDuring the spring of 2016, Tyler Falish (IPED 2017) is serving as an intern at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). CFR is an independent, non-partisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.

Currently, Tyler supports the work of Ambassador John Campbell–the Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies–and Allen Grane, a research associate. The CFR Africa Studies program covers sub-Saharan Africa generally, but has a specific focus on Nigeria and South Africa. As an intern, he edits and cross-references the facts on posts that get published on the “Africa in Transition” blog, and conducts background research on articles and book chapters that Ambassador Campbell is writing. In addition, he monitors major political and economic events in sub-Saharan Africa and updates CFR Africa’s Twitter account.

In his spare time at CFR, Tyler researches and writes on African issues of personal interest. He recently published a blog post about the African Union and the limits to its power and efficacy in the context of the current instability in Burundi related to President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term.

Tyler shares that working at CFR is a great experience, as CFR has a specific professional development program for their interns and provides them with opportunities to attend events hosted at CFR headquarters in New York City. “So far, I’ve attended a talk by Stanley Fischer, and most recently, Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton,” he adds.

Tyler learned of this internship opportunity with CFR from Samantha Andrews (IPED 2016) during the fall 2015 semester and applied as soon as the position was posted on the CFR website, as they hire on a rolling basis. He notes that there are a number of think tank internships at CFR each semester in New York and a few more in their DC office. He recommends that, in applying to think tanks generally, one must have and show a genuine interest in the subject matter, and emphasize one’s editorial and research skills, as those are the primary tools required in such positions.

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