Fordham University’s Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (Fordham IPED) is celebrating its 40th year! Fordham IPED was founded in 1979, with a grant from President Carter’s Department of Education, to prepare future leaders for careers in global economic relations and international development.

IPED 40 @ 40 Endowment Fund Campaign

As we commemorate this important milestone for the program, we are launching a campaign raise to raise money for IPED’s Endowment Fund. The IPED Endowment Fund enables our students to pursue internships and language immersion programs which provide them effective alternative learning experiences. These internships and overseas travels provide the students the training and experience they need to pursue professional goals and becoming global changemakers.


On March 7, we will kick-off the celebration during our Annual Alumni Networking Night. Join your fellow IPEDers as we look back to our time at Fordham. Enjoy the night with an open bar, silent auction and give-aways for guests and on-site donors! We would also hear from our alumni panel featuring Angelika Condon '07 (Morgan Stanley Fund Services) and Sarah Bordas-Eddy '03 (UNICEF). Founders of IPED, Dr. Entelis and Dr. Diulio will also be present.

Experience South Africa

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Fordham IPED Program. To commemorate this milestone, we are taking the celebration to  South Africa. We invite all IPED alumni, family and friends to join us for a week-long trip to experience South Africa’s unique culture, learn of its deep history, taste its wonderful flavors and see its wondrous sites.