Upcoming Events



February 15: “The RESETTLED” & “REFUGEE”

Time: 4-5 PM

Location: Dealy E-530, Economics Conference Room

The Iped Office will be screening two acclaimed documentaries about the modern refugee crises.

The RESSETLED (2016)

“America is a nation that was built by immigrants and refugees, but are strangers from a foreign land welcome here today? The Tzu Chi USA produced documentary takes us to Detroit, San Francisco, Boise, Twin Falls, and New York, and introduces refugees resettled from Iraq, Burma, Vietnam, Congo, and Liberia, who share their dramatic stories of survival and elusive search for the American dream.”

REFUGEE (2016)

“Five acclaimed photographers travel the world (Greece, Colombia, Cameroon, Myanmar, Germany) to provide detailed insight into the difficult conditions faced by refugees who dream of a better life.”

February 21: A Council on Foreign Relations Academic Conference Call: How Women’s Participation Advances Economic Interests

Time: 12-1 PM

Location: Dealy E-530, Economics Conference Room

“Rachel Voglestein, the Douglas Dillion senior fellow and director of the Women and Foreign Policy program at CFR, will discuss how women’s participation advances economic interests”.