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2017 Bronx Trip: “Undesign the Redline”

By: Sarah Garwood ’19

Greg Jost meets with IPED students outside the Andrew Freedman House. photo credit: James Duke 

Last Friday, IPED students met with Gregory Jost at the Andrew Freedman House Designing the WE studio to learn about the history of redlining in the Bronx, New York. The interactive presentation included historic maps of the city, government documents from the late 1930s, and visual representations of historic events over the past several decades.

Greg Jost explains Undesign the Redline exhibit to IPED students. pc: Elly Reserva

IPED student, Clare Pressimone, checks out the exhibit. pc: Elly Reserva

The presentation exposed the systemic racism involved in the segregation and resettlement of people across various neighborhoods in the Bronx in the 30s and 40s. Neighborhoods were labelled and rated based on the populations that lived in each area and subsequently experienced pressures and discrimination from lending organizations, housing providers, and neighbors. Repercussions of these policies are still prevalent today.

Greg Jost explains Bronx history in front of a mural on the Grand Concourse. pc: Sarah Garwood

After viewing the exhibit, we headed down the Grand Concourse, enjoying murals and some Jamaican cuisine along the way. The trip concluded with lunch and continued dialogue at Railroad Park.

IPED students and Greg Jost at Railroad Park, Bronx, NY. pc: James Duke

To learn more about the history of redlining, planned shrinkage, block busting, and the interactive elements of the Undesign the Redline project, follow this link:

Gregory Jost and Designing the WE host a variety of social impact labs and projects. Check out what they’re working on and how you can get involved at:

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Prestigious Awards: Robyn J Emory-Murray on the Critical Language Scholarship in Xi’an

Robyn Emory-Murray IPED ’18

Robyn Emory-Murray (IPED ’18) is a recipient of the 2017 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) for Mandarin in Xi’an, China. CLS is an eight-week intensive language and cultural immersion program targeted toward students of critical languages as defined by the U.S. Department of State. This fully-funded government program offers students the opportunity to live among the cultures whose languages they are studying while fully integrating themselves into the language itself.

Datong Furong Park lights at night

Robyn with the Terracotta Warriors 兵马俑

Robyn received the award with the help of the Office of Prestigious Fellowships, who assisted her with the lengthy application process. When asked about the application process, she said, “The Office of Prestigious Fellows was invaluable. They helped me frame my thoughts, answers, and attributes in a way that really spoke to the program and its goals.” The application was due in the Fall, and awards were announced in March of the next year.

Robyn at the Kongtong Shan (崆峒山) Bridge to Heaven

Robyn’s goals are to continue to pursue Mandarin in the hopes of using it as she pursues a career in economic and international security studies, specifically centered on the Sino-American relationship.

The reward for the night hike, sunrise from East Peak of Hua Shan

Robyn had the following advice for those interested in the program: “Go all in. There is a pretty intense language pledge and those that stick to it really see amazing results. At the same time, though, don’t stress yourself out. You will have a lot more success if you take care of yourself and remember that learning a new language should also be fun!”

The lights during the Hua Shan (华山) night hike

Robyn on the famous Hua Shan Plank Walk

Robyn is a full-time student in the IPED program and a recipient of the Public Service Assistantship.

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