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Student Spotlight: Gary Tuorto at the United States Security and Exchange Commission

Gary is a 2nd Year IPED Student interning part-time

Gary is a 2nd Year IPED Student interning part-time

Gary Tuorto (IPED 2017) currently interns with the the United States Security and Exchange Commission in their Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE). OCIE administers the SEC’s examination and inspection program to protect investors.  Examiners conduct examinations of the nation’s registered entities like broker-dealers, investment advisers and companies, and the national securities exchanges, among others.

Gary is a part of the Graduate Student Honors Program which is a 10-week program offered to current Graduate Students. During the Fall and Spring interns are required to work a total of 15 hours per week and full time in the summer. The internship is unpaid, as are most governmental positions, but the experience working at the SEC is invaluable.

Gary works in the Municipal Advisors area where his work includes examining both Municipal Advisors and Underwriters to insure no conflicts of interest arise and all regulatory requirements are upheld, reviewing both the Advisor and Underwriter’s municipal bond pricing reports and performing pricing regarding muni issuances, analyzing secondary market trading data for large deviations in initial offering prices/yields and for unusual transactions, and writing  detailed reports which are sent to his supervisors.

Gary shares his experience on procuring his position with the SEC: “I found out about the internship through Apply to as many open positions as possible as there is no limit to the number of positions you may apply to and each division will interview the candidates they feel would best fit the position irrespective of whether or not another division is also interested in you. As such, you may find yourself interviewing for several different positions in different divisions at the same time which will increase your chances of securing an internship.”

While fulfilling his internship obligations, Gary is continuing his classes as a full-time student.

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Student Spotlight: Thiviya Navaratnam at Women’s World Bank

Thiviya Navaratnam is a part-time student with IPED

Thiviya Navaratnam is a part-time student with IPED

Thiviya Navaratnam (IPED 2017) is a Compliance Associate at Women’s World Banking. Women’s World Banking is a non-profit dedicated to helping low-income women in developing countries gain access to financial tools and services to economically empower themselves.

Thiviya works on the Finance team as a Compliance Associate (one of two) with 2016 IPED alumna Veronica Karpoich, Senior Compliance Associate. Thiviya works on contracting and consultant procurement to verify compliance with donors’ requirements.

Thiviya spoke about her task handling the procurement of various translators and interpreters to put on retainer, an arduous but fulfilling project that required finding multiple translators across several languages (quite a large project!)

Thiviya also shares her experience in obtaining her position. “I found the listing through the IPED jobs digest. Veronica, a part-time IPED student at the time, was looking to hire an Associate to work with her and I managed to convince her I was the best person for the job. I would encourage all IPED students to take advantage of the Jobs Digest and reach out to any alumnus they can. I have found that all alumni have been very helpful, and I’ve always appreciated their advice.”

Thiviya manages to keep up her rigorous class schedule as a part-time student while working full time with Women’s World Banking.

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