2019 Bronx Community Day Trip

by: Abraham Miguel

Last September 6, IPED students visited the historical Freedman Home. At the beginning, this house was founded by Andrew Friedman who, upon the realization and fear of the possible lost of his fortune, created this environment for former wealthy individuals to live in their accustomed wealth.

IPED Students were received by Professor Gregory Jost. He gave the group a tour entitled “Undesign the Redline”, where he explained the history of the redlining and its impact on the current socio-economic and cultural dynamics of the Bronx and the rest of New York City, as well as other major cities all over the country.

The exhibit presented actual maps, photos, and anecdotal experience of local that showed how the redlining introduced structural discimination and how it evolved into what it is now.

Following the tour, the students participated in a cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness group activity conducted by fellow IPED students.