Alumni Career Nite ‘2013

We held our Networking Nite in the 12th Floor Lounge of the Lowenstein Buidling at our Lincoln Center Campus in Midtown Manhattan. Three of our alumni gave short career talks.  Our faculty distributed some awards to our students.  But our students spent most of the evening socializing with our alumni.  About half of our alumni are employed in the private sector, primarily as financial analysts and management consultants, another quarter are in government , usually as economists and analysts, and about 15% work in civil society, usually overseas as project managers with relief and development organizations.


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Our speakers included Ms. Rachael Vinyard, Class of 2005, who is the Senior Development Associate with the Blacksmith Institute, Mr. Greg Streibig, Class of 1999, who holds a senior position with Bunge Financial Services Group, Special Opportunities, and Ms. Mel Oliveros, Class of 2010, who is a data analyst with Achievement First.





Our faculty distributed various awards.  Dr. Burke gave Matthew and Brandon an Arrupe Field Placement check for $4,000 each.  Matthew will use the funds to support his summer internship with the US Agency for International Development in Washington, while Brandon will focus on enhancing his French language skills.  Dr. Crystal gave Brian and Donniell a Public Service Field Placement check for $4,000 each.  Brian will be interning with the US Foreign Agricultural Service at the US Embassy in Kenya, while Donniell will be staying in New York to work with the Clinton Global Initiative.


Arrupe Field Placement 


Public Service Field Placement 

Dr. Mani distributed our Language Immersion Study Awards to Michael and Kristan who will travel to Bolivia for an intensive Spanish language immersion course and to Brendan and Jerica who will travel to France for an intensive French language immersion course.


Language Immersion Study Awards

Thanks to the generosity of a very grateful alum, Mr. Matthew Pavone, ’07, we were also able to honor the memory of Mr. Andrew Hillman.  In the last years of his life Mr. Hillman served at the US Mission to the UN as a US Foreign Service Officer.  During this time he also was a member of our faculty where he became a generous mentor to many of our students. Dr. Crystal was pleased to award our first Andrew Hillman Foreign Service Award to Brian who will be spending this summer at the US Embassy in Kenya.


The Andrew Hillman Foreign Service Award


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