Commencement ’12

The IPED 2012 Graduation was held as part of the 167th Commencement Exercises of Fordham University at Rose Hill. The Diploma Ceremony took place in the University Church.

John Brennan, Class of 1977, US Deputy National Security Advisor and the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism,addressed the graduates.



Usama Al-Zatari
Shane Bigelow
Rosolino Candela
Jonathan Clay
Eileen Eley
Bailey O’Neal Evans
Michael Felix
Tessa Finlev
Christine Fischer
Kerri Anne Fortier
Aaron Gardner
Katie Jajtner
Susan Kibe
Alexey Kobylyanskiy
Joshua Kyler
Oleskii Liman
Nomsa Mazwai
Dominic Monley
Lydia Mulyk
Eva Neykova
Donna Mae M. Odra
Leilanee Olano
Lorenzo Ortega
Valentina Popa
Sarah Scarceli
Nathan Snyder
Andra Tomsa
Sergey Violin
Joseph Witiw

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