Alumni Fiesta in Manila ’11

We held our first alumni reunion in the Philippines on the roof top of Leong Hall on the campus of the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City.  Special thanks to the Ateneo Economics Department for hosting us.


This year 2011 marks the 90th anniversary of solidarity between the Ateneo de Manila and Fordham University.  It was in July of 1921 that Mr. John F. Hurley, S.J., Fordham College Class of 1917, first arrived at the Ateneo along with several other American Jesuits.  Mr. Hurley would go on to be ordained a Catholic priest and become the Jesuit superior in the Philippines.  He earned the Medal of Freedom for his many acts of courage during World War II. Once he was liberated from his internment camp he assisted in the post-war recovery of the country by founding what would become Catholic Relief Services in the Philippines.

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