Summer Language Awards ’02

For summer 2002, the IPED Program awarded two Language Immersion Study Awards (LISA) to Mr. Craig Dreves and Mr. Soneath Hor. Fordham gave funding to both students so they could travel overseas and attend an intensive language immersion program.
Mr. Craig Dreves  (first from the right) spent many hours studying Spanish in very small intensive language classes conducted at the Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (CPI) in Heredia, Costa Rica. An important part of his language studies included living with his host family in Heredia.  

Mr. Soneath Hor  (bottom, first from the left) recieved intensive instruction in French from the Alliance Francaise in Montpellier, France. He also found it very valuable to live with a host family in Montpellier.

Each year up to two IPED students are awarded LISA Scholarships on a competitive basis. Scholarship recipients are able to spend the summer after the completion of their first year of study in an intensive overseas language immersion program that must include a home stay. Foreign language proficiency is frequently required for various career paths.